Three Car Buying Myths Debunked

Three Car Buying Myths Debunked

The vehicle purchasing process can be complicated, which means it comes with a number of myths. Stories have been passed around about the process and what you should and shouldn’t do at the dealership. Here are a few of those myths debunked to give you peace of mind the next time you purchase a vehicle.

The Best Time to go to the Dealership is When It’s Raining or Before it Closes
Sure, bad weather is known for driving people away from being outdoors. Unfortunately, this myth has been around for years and consumers have caught on, so now dealerships see a decent amount of traffic on rainy days. Another argument for this myth is that salesmen are more eager to move metal to get out of the rain and may offer better deals. Not true either, especially if crowds are sizeable. Now, you’ll have to deal with rain and a crowded lot.

Another dealership myth is that the best time to go is right before closing. The argument is that you’ll have the staff to yourself, plus they will agree to lower prices to get you out of there so they can leave. In reality, the staff will stay late to finalize a deal and will not give any breaks in price because of closing time. Sometimes, the salesperson may not be in the mood to offer you a better deal because you’re keeping him or her from family.

Buy Your Car at the End of the Month
This myth came about because if a dealership is close to meeting a monthly manufacturer’s sales target for a certain make and model, they’ll offer a lower price. But, if they’ve already reached their monthly target or they aren’t working toward one, the deal could be the same no matter the date. There is no guarantee that a dealership is working toward a target, so buy a vehicle when it makes sense for you to buy one.

Don’t Tell the Dealership You’re Trading In
The idea behind this myth is that if you wait until the last possible minute to tell the salesperson you’re trading in, you can get a better deal. This is often called “parachuting the trade” and it often makes the process more complicated for you as the consumer and the dealership. Not only will this process take longer for you, but the dealership will have to inspect the trade in while you wait, when they could have been doing that in the background if they were told up front.

Many consumers are guilty of falling for these myths. But zero percent interest, no large down payments and flexible payment terms are not myths with a payment plan provider like Omnisure. If you’ve just purchased a vehicle or thinking about one, you may want to consider a vehicle service contract, or extended warranty. Talk to your dealer for more information about financing your VSC today!