Checking Your Vehicle’s Battery

How to Tell if Your Car Battery is Dying

Your vehicle’s battery is essential. The battery holds the electricity for your vehicle, which means many aspects of your vehicle rely on its ability to function. As soon as you turn your key in the ignition, the battery sends an electrical current to the engine to start the car. Unfortunately, batteries do die or go bad, which gives car owners a real challenge. There are some ways to check on your battery before it dies, as there are signs that warn you about your battery’s ability to function. Here are three of the top signs that tell you if it’s time to replace your battery:

Your Battery Light Is On
This may be the most obvious sign of a battery issue, but definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. The battery light turns on when your vehicle is on, but the engine isn’t running, which is perfectly normal. But, if the battery light remains on while your engine is on, you may want to get it checked out. Basic troubleshooting is an option, but the best solution is to take your vehicle to the mechanic right away.

Something Doesn’t Smell Right
There are a number of smells that can be associated with your vehicle, but a bad battery is a distinct one. Most car batteries contain a combination of water and sulfuric acid. When a battery is overheating and going bad, this combination boils and releases a rotten egg-like smell and possibly some smoke. If this smell is filling your vehicle while the engine is running, have it looked at as soon as possible.

Your Engine is Cranking Slowly or Not at All
A slowly cranking engine is usually something that happens over a short period of time, but definitely an early warning sign that should not be ignored. For some, you may notice that one day your engine will start properly, and other days it won’t. This is typically a sign that your battery is dying and needs recharged or replaced. On the other hand, if your engine isn’t cranking at all, your battery is most likely dead and you will need assistance immediately. You may also notice that the lights on your dashboard are not coming on, which could also point to an issue with your vehicle’s alternator.

Battery replacement is one of the most common maintenance aspects when it comes to normal wear and tear of your vehicle. A good way to protect your vehicle from any other unexpected or premature failures is by purchasing an extended warranty, also known as a vehicle service contract. And with an extended warranty, comes a payment plan, which is where Omnisure comes into play. Omnisure offers 0% interest, no credit checks, no large down payment, and flexible payment plans up to 24 months. Get in touch with your dealership for more information on financing a vehicle service contract.